Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lessons Learned

Living on campus reinforces for us every day that lifelong learning is very important. Here are some of the lessons our family has learned over the last month since we arrived at our new home.

Micah: Greek lesson of the day: Aorist indicitive passive paradigm requires the temporal augment plus the present indicitive stem plus theta eta minus sigma plus the connecting vowel pattern plus the secondary active endings. (Author's note: Say what???) Micah is doing great in Greek so far. He has learned so much in four short weeks. We praise God for giving Micah wisdom and stamina to get through this challenging time.

Darci: At the moment, the lesson at the forefront of my mind is that rolling the portable dishwasher over your big toe hurts more than childbirth and ruins the pedicure. Outside of the throbbing toe, lately I have learned a lot about priorities, and what is really important. The material things that I thought I might miss, I don't. We miss our family and friends just as much as we expected we would, but the webcam, e-mail and Facebook help a lot. I have learned that my kids are amazing, each in their own way. And, I have learned that I love spending every minute of every day with them a lot more than I thought I would.

Jonah: A very exciting lesson learned was how to skilfully ride his bike without training wheels. Once he got over the fear of falling, within ten minutes he was riding standing up and trying to do jumps. This led his Dad to say "woo hoo!", and his Mom to say, "whoa!!!" Thankfully God gifts parents with complimentary skills that help keep kids safe, but entertained at the same time.

Joel: Within days of our arrival, Joel had conquered the baby diapers once and for all. He's strictly a big boy pants guy now, and we couldn't be more pleased. Praise God for potty training!

Maci: With all of our opportunities to play outside, Maci has developed a hilarious wobbly run. She was merely a fast walker before, but now she's almost able to keep up with the boys. She's also learning new words every day, and showing off her personality more and more all the time.

We're all learning to make new friends, and about the blessings of being in the center of the Lord's will. Our prayer is that we won't merely rest on the fact that we left everything we knew behind to follow Him, but that we'll learn and grow in new ways all the time as we continue to seek His face.

Thanks for reading. Blessings to you and yours!


The Rays said...

I too have run my toe over with the dishwasher. It hurts more than I ever would have imagined!

Ashlee said...

wow! thank u for sharing! i love to know whats new with ur family. the kids are growing up so fast! i am so proud of Jonah that he can ride his bike all by himself! and Joel is a "Big boy" now! how exciting! it doesnt surprise me that Maci is keeping up with the boys, she has that spunk about her!
I love the pics u have on here, ur kids are so cute! Please tell Micha to keep up the good work! and i hope ur toe feels better soon, that is not fun. but its good to know that child birth pain isnt as bad! lol love u guys :D

Kim said...

Good morning! I am posting this from Eagle Rock, MO. We are on vacation and I can't sleep. It is great to be able to keep up with your family. Your post almost made me cry again. It is good to hear that all of you are doing so well! May the Lord continue to bless you on your journey.

Karla said...

Wonderful, wise words as always Darci! God is good, all the time!