Monday, July 20, 2009

Family "Vacation" 2009

This past weekend was really just like any other weekend, except for the fact that it was in the 70's and gorgeous. Therefore, we thought we should take the opportunity to be tourists in our own town. By last night, I felt like we had been on vacation all weekend.

On Friday night, after our weekly BBQ we were blessed to be invited by our great new friends to attend "Godspell" at the Muny. If you're not from around here, the Muny is a huge outdoor amphitheater that seats 11,000 people. Fun show, excellent company, beautiful weather.

Saturday morning we headed out bright and early to the zoo, despite being up late the night before. We were able to see all of our favorite things before it got too crowded. Then we headed home for lunch and naps. In the afternoon we packed a picnic dinner and hopped on our bikes to try to tackle the Forest Park trail for the first time. Jonah is still getting accustomed to the big boy bike, so we thought this would be a good test for him. His little legs carried him for many miles (we're not sure how many). I was even a little stiff when we got home, but he did great. And the little kids had a riot making all kinds of mischief in the bike trailer. A beautiful day from start to finish.

On Sunday we checked out a new church, since we've been trying to take advantage of our opportunity to church hop over the summer. We enjoyed that. In the afternoon we went to Grant's Farm. I love the history of the place, the kids love the animals, and Micah loves the free beer. Afterwards we went to My Daddy's Cheesecake for my early birthday dinner. We ate outside, and again the weather was perfect. Jonah and I decided to walk home together while Micah drove the little kids. We held hands the whole way and shared very thoughtful conversation. He's a special little guy.

Aside from our dinner out, everything we did on our "vacation" was free, which fits our budget perfectly. Micah was even able to squeeze in quite a bit of studying, so I'd say it was pretty close to a perfect weekend for us.

We are finding a lot of joy in everyday ordinary things. If you are able to really immerse yourself in the moment, something as simple as a short stroll with your six year old can be extraordinary. We are so blessed that we have the time and opportunity to do that right now. We're not taking it for granted. God is so good.


Ashlee said...

wow thanks for sharing...i think we all at some point need to step back and be thankful for the little things in life.

Kim said...

Great Vacation! Staycations are the best especially when they are free afterall the memories are what matter.

I had a chance to experience those same moments on our trip and they are the ones I will remember over any amusent park or zoo tour we did.

Have a great week!


Karla said...

Gotta love a perfect Staycation! I'm hoping for one of those this weekend, first time in a few weeks we will all be home. Thanks for sharing your experiences!