Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer Adventures

The five of us in Immanuel's beautiful sanctuary on Micah's last day of vicarage.

Micah preaching his last sermon. (Uncle David was brave enough to snap this during the service!)
The beginning of August brought the end of Micah's vicarage. It was an amazing year of learning and blessings. We are so grateful for the people of Immanuel - St. Charles for welcoming us into their church family this past year.

Micah has four weeks between the end of vicarage and the beginning of his last year of seminary classes. We decided to take full advantage of his down time by having some outings! Missouri Botanical Gardens had a beautiful Chinese Lantern display this summer. All of the lanterns were gorgeous, both in the daytime and when they were lit at night.

Then we made our first trip as a family to Six Flags - St. Louis. The boys had earned free tickets from their reading program at school. We had so much fun!

Our dear friends from the seminary took a call to Milwaukee last summer, so we took a quick trip to visit them. We got to spend an afternoon at Lake Michigan, having a picnic and frolicking in the waves! 

 Jonah and I decided to spend part of our summer "training" to run/walk our first 5K together. It was so fun to do this with my big boy. We had a blast.
We marked the end of the seminary summer sessions by celebrating with the students who had just completed summer Greek at  - what else but a toga party!

And now it's time to buckle down and get back into our school routine. Our boys are in 4th and 1st grade. We can't believe that Joel is now the age that Jonah was when we came to the seminary.

We wish you every blessing as we head into fall!