Monday, May 28, 2012

Six months gone by?

I'm a little embarrassed that since my last blog post, a new year has begun, 3/5ths of our family got a year older, and the seasons changed from winter to spring to summer. Not too much has changed for our family, though. We are still thoroughly enjoying Micah's vicarage year. He's learning so much. The kids are excited to end their school year and start their summer fun. For me, the balancing act of being vicar's wife, mom of three, and full-time worker is going as well as can be expected. Through it all, we are immeasurably blessed.
During one of our two small snowfalls this winter, the boys got a chance to go sledding on Art Hill in Forest Park. They had a blast.

On Easter we experienced our first holiday ever away from family. Although we missed everyone back home, we were where we needed to be, at beautiful Immanuel - St. Charles celebrating the Lord's resurrection with our vicarage congregation.

My sister had a baby girl in February. We got to go visit her in March, and again for her baptism in April. Our kids are crazy about their new cousin.

We had such fun at Immanuel's annual parade and picnic earlier this month. We were so surprised to learn that we were going to get to ride in a Mustang convertible! We loved every minute of waving to spectators from that fancy car.

Unfortunately Micah's schedule hasn't allowed us to go camping this year, but we make do. On Mother's Day my wish was to spend the afternoon in our screen tent so I could pretend we were camping. I thought it was lovely.

This weekend has brought some very welcome rest and relaxation for all of us. Now we feel recharged and ready to for whatever adventures lie around the corner for us.

We wish you all a blessed summer!

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Karla said...

I understand, I have taken a good 4 month break from posting too! What a sweet Mother's Day celebration! I did enjoy reading your update! Take care!