Saturday, July 9, 2011

Goodbyes and Hellos, again

Last June I wrote a post about all of the goodbyes and hellos that we had been saying that month. After re-reading that, I suppose I should have been better prepared for the goodbyes and hellos that we're saying this summer. But, still it's kind of hitting me like a truck.

We spent the last two delightful weekends with our families in Nebraska. For some reason, leaving there this past Monday was much harder than it's been the last few times we've visited. That goodbye was tougher on me than I expected. That will make us all the more excited to see everyone on our next visit.

Once we got back here to the seminary, it was time to say goodbye to one of our best family friends. Jonah has had a great first half of the summer, spending nearly all day every day with his best friend Caleb. Caleb's dad has finished his seminary education, and is now ready to go feed the Lord's sheep. They moved to their new home and new life this morning. We will miss their family terribly, and we are so thankful for the friendship and love they have shown to us over the last two years.

This afternoon we helped host some visiting families who are considering moving to the seminary. It was so fun to meet all of them and share our experiences. This evening we got to spend some time with another one of our best family friends. They too will be moving away later this month. The continual cycle of goodbyes and hellos is just part of the territory with seminary life.

There are many blessings in every hello, and in every goodbye. The best blessing of all that as brothers and sisters in Christ, the goodbyes are always temporary, because we will be united as one body for eternity. Until we meet again...

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