Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Fling!

It has been such a beautiful spring here in The Lou. We've had a little winter, a little summer, some sunshine, and some rain. Kind of like our family this last month: some ups, and some downs, but altogether blessed.

I got a call one morning a few weeks ago saying Joel had gone to battle with the steps on the slide at preschool and lost. Thankfully I just have a two minute walk to get to his school, so I was able to put the ice pack on his head and hold him for a while. He ended up with a huge goose egg and two black eyes, but otherwise not too much worse for the wear.

We've had a couple of fun outings in recent weeks. We went to Wetlands for Kids at a nature conservatory and got to pet some reptiles, dig for random larvae and other floaty things in the pond, and get lots of fresh air. But the best part was the walk back to the car. I love those boys.

We also went to the Butterfly House with friends. It's so fascinating to see so many butterflies so close up.

The kids get to take swimming lessons this spring. They all love it!

In other news, Maci just got finished being treated for strep throat, Jonah had a positive throat culture this morning, and we're planning on taking Joel in for a doctor visit tomorrow. We're hoping to get everyone healthy soon, because we have an exciting few weeks coming up! More on that later, but until then, happy spring everyone!


Karla said...

Yay 4 spring, it's about time!!! Your kids are so sweet, love the picture of the boys. Love those moments, God's message to us that "we're doing all right!" Take care!

Kim said...

I do hope everyone is feeling better soon too! We had a bout of illness this weekend but we bounced back quick.

I love seeing yoru sweet family and all of the fun things youare doing it give me hope for our move :).