Saturday, December 18, 2010

"C" What We've Been Up To!

We have had a great couple of months. Sometimes I find it hard to narrow down what I should share in our blog posts, so more often than not I just don't do one! In honor of the Christmas season, I decided to limit myself to only subjects that begin with "C"!

Carlyle Lake: We were encouraged to do something special during Micah's fall break in November, so we returned to one of our favorite camping spots. It was too cold for the tent, so we rented a cabin for the weekend. We hiked, bird-watched, sat by the fire, and watched the sunrise. We had a wonderful time, and we can't wait to go back once the weather warms up.

Chair: Micah convinced me to make a Craigslist purchase of a new/old leather recliner. He said it would be nice for him to study in. I can't vouch for how much studying is being done in it when I'm not home, but I know it's great for snuggling!

Christmas tree: Anyone who has ever been to St. Louis knows that Ted Drewes has the best frozen custard around. Last winter, we discovered by accident that they also sell Christmas trees! We went back for round 2 this year, and got ourselves a very nice little tree.

Christ Child: Last but certainly not least, we are celebrating the birth of our savior. We had fun at the seminary Christmas party, and got dressed up to pose in the manger scene.
Back at home, we've been enjoying a "progressive" manger scene, inspired by a faculty family. Our stable started out empty after Thanksgiving, with just the animals feeding at the manger. Then the Mary and Joseph figures made their way towards the stable. The shepherds are tending their flocks in the hallway, and the wisemen are still in the "East," also known as the dining room. Baby Jesus will appear in the manger on Christmas, and then the shepherds and wisemen will come to the stable to worship Him. The kids have really gotten into the story this year!

We pray that you and your family will be blessed this Christmas season.


Kim said...

I enjoyed your C post. Great pictures of the boys at the lake with the sun. You kids are growing up so fast, you have an adorable family!

Merry Christmas!

Karla said...

Great double "C" to end on :o) I just love hearing your updates! Your family is so special...Merry Christmas, Darci!