Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Festivities!

I haven't done a new post since we got back from our summer vacation! We've been having a great fall. September kicked off with our big girl turning three. This led us to bring her new/old big girl bed up from the basement. Here she is reveling in her entirely hand-me-down ensemble (thanks to cousin Mattie and some generous neighbors).

Then it was time for birthday cake. It has become our tradition that Micah always decorates the kids' cakes. He's had a lot of practice with rockets, motorcycles and trains, but this was new for him...

Before Micah started fall classes, he promised that he would take Joel to visit the Harley-Davidson store. I think he enjoyed it.

Next was apple picking. We always need lots of apples to make caramel apples on the first day of fall and take them to the neighbors.

One of our favorite events is the Balloon Glow. The night before a big hot air balloon race, they inflate the balloons and fire up the burners. The pictures can't do it justice. We were thankful that my parents were able to join us this year!

October brought my second half-marathon that I trained for with a group of friends. Here we are at our celebratory dinner afterwards. (I forgot that we were all supposed to wear our race shirts!)

We almost feel like we're back in Lincoln on Husker game days. There's a great pub nearby that gets packed with Husker fans, and everyone sings and cheers like we're at Memorial Stadium. On Saturdays we still get all dressed up in our red, put out the "N" flag, and watch the games with friends.

We praise God for our healthy kids, our wonderful family and friends, and the opportunity to be on this journey to serve Him. We are so blessed. Thank you for reading!


Karla said...

Wow your kids are growing so fast and you have been so busy! Enjoy the rest of your fall, hope we get to see you again soon!

debhmom3 said...

Where is the pub you guys go to? My husband is from Nebraska and is Husker to the core. :) We'd love to have a date day/night to watch the game!

Kim said...

I can't believe Maci is 3! Micah did a great job on her cake. I am so glad that things are going well for you in St. Louis. You look very happy and it is great they we can stay connected.