Sunday, February 14, 2010

We Are Loved

It's Valentine's Day today. I could do without the cards and flowers, but the following, albeit partial, list of gestures of love make our world go 'round:
  • One of our dear friends used to leave homemade cookies on our doorstep from time to time, especially for Valentine's Day. A few days ago, a sweet care package arrived from UPS, complete with the Valentine's cookies inside. Loved that.
  • One of our seminary friends is very generous about giving out hugs. When she hugs you, she hums softly, like she really means it. Love that.
  • My dear sister helps Jonah with his homework many evenings via webcam. He loves that.
  • Micah's parents have breakfast or dinner with us regularly with the help of Skype.
  • Both sets of parents have been here several times to visit us. We all love that.
  • Our beloved small group back home still includes us on their prayer request e-mails so we can stay connected.
  • There is a group of wonderful ladies who are training with me to walk the half marathon in April. Even if I'm a little tired or crabby, their encouragement makes me delighted to walk six miles.
  • Micah took me dancing Friday night at the Valentine's Ball. It reminded me of all of the college formals and fun wedding receptions that we have enjoyed together over the years.
  • The kids around here have embraced our kids completely. Yesterday was the last "Sem Kids Basketball" game of the season. Afterwards a very talented seminarian dazzled all of us with his basketball spinning and dribbling skills. Jonah was watching while peeking over the balcony railing with a couple of his best friends, and Joel was laying on the gym floor next to a bunch of adorable kiddos. I was holding Maci, sitting next to Micah. At that moment, I thought it couldn't get much better than that.
I could go on and on, but our greatest gift of love comes from our Lord and Savior. We love, because He first loved us. Blessings, and love, to you and yours.


Kim said...

What a great list!!! I love that you skype over dinner with Micah's parents, AWE-SOME. I wish that I could be there to train for the half-marathon I would totally walk it with you.

Thanks for your sweet comment today, I am glad we have our blogs to keep in touch but I miss you too!

Karla said...

I "loved that" list! You put your feelings into words so well and I'm proud of you for training for the 1/2! Very cool how you're utilizing skype!

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