Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lost and Found

The last two weeks have been full of ups and downs for us. We came back from our delightful trip to Lincoln for Thanksgiving with heavy hearts, knowing that my grandma would not be with us much longer. She went home to be with the Lord last Saturday. Since Micah had just started his winter quarter classes, we wrestled with whether we should pack all the kids up again to go back to Lincoln for the funeral or not. We finally decided that I would fly home by myself for a quick trip. Unfortunately, my flight was cancelled due to the blizzard in Nebraska, and there wasn't time to make other travel arrangements. So, I participated via speaker phone and picture messages.

We have a close extended family, and I was very disappointed that I couldn't be there with them. My grandpa died last year, and I worry that the occasions that will bring us all together are getting fewer and farther between. I suppose that's part of the cycle of life. It provides yet another lesson that you have to make the most of the time you have with those who are special to you.

During this time of traveling, starting Micah's new class schedule, waiting for news on my grandma, and anticipating traveling again, some things had fallen by the wayside in our household. As a result, I finally stopped procrastinating and implemented the "family schedule" that I learned about in a mother's class I'm attending at the seminary. We now have a complete picture of what has to be done and when it needs to be done in order for us have more family free time. It has been a beautiful thing. The kids have completely embraced it, and Micah and I both feel more clear on what our priorities are too.

Now that we have our ducks back in a row, we've been able to enjoy several special events lately. We visited Old St. Charles for Christmas Traditions. We were able to take a bike ride on the newly rebuilt freeway that runs near us before it opened for traffic. We participated in the seminary's Christmas tree lighting. We've been to two of our three adult Christmas parties so far, and the kids got to attend their first seminary Christmas party. We also got to see our neighbors play Mary and Joseph at a beautiful Boar's Head Festival. Now we're looking forward to our trip to Lincoln next week for Christmas.

Throughout all of our ups and downs, we have been blessed by friends who care for us, and by strangers who are so good to us. We will never be able to give back as much as has been given to us.

We wish all of you a Christmas filled with love and joy. We praise God for the gift of his son Jesus, the light of our world.

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