Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Early September Update

I wasn't able to come up with a clever "theme" for this post, rather it's just a mish-mash of random updates. So, here goes, in no particular order:
  • Micah did indeed pass his Greek qualifier with an impressive score, and is now hoping to be a Greek tutor this fall. He started Hebrew class this morning, and thinks he's going to really enjoy it.
  • I am two weeks into my new job, and it's going very well. The people I work with are nice, the environment is positive, and I like the work. I love working three days a week, so I can spend ample time on my full-time responsibilities at home.
  • Jonah is doing great in first grade. He's definitely a thinker, and comes up with all kinds of deep questions for us, which we get a big kick out of.
  • Joel and Maci have spent one day at their new "school" so far. Joel was like a duck in water there from the first minute. Maci will take a little time to adjust, since she's such a Mama's girl. It's very comforting for me to be able to walk down the hill at lunch and peek in on the kids if I want to. I love having them so close to my office.
  • We had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. There were lots of beginning of the school year activities going on on campus. One highlight was the opening chapel service, where all of the new students processed in together. I was very proud of Micah and his good friends that flanked him on either side. After that, we celebrated by getting pizza with friends. On Monday we took in a local event - the Greek festival. The pastries were to die for, and Micah was able to translate the words on some of the Greek souvenirs, which was funny. Then we swam and had a BBQ with friends, and it was all lovely.
  • We do have a prayer request: On Thursday afternoon Micah will find out where he will be assigned to do his Field Work. This will be the church where Micah will spend several hours a week learning and helping with ministry, and where we will worship while in St. Louis. Our prayer is that we will be open-minded about wherever we end up, and that we'll have peace about it. Also that our family will connect well with that congregation, that we can be of service there, and that Micah can gain valuable insight about ministry.
  • Micah is planning to start creating a newsletter with more specifics about our seminary experience, prayer requests, etc. and e-mailing it out once a month or so. If you'd like to receive that, post a comment below with your e-mail address, Facebook me, or e-mail us. (If we already know your e-mail address, you're probably going to receive the newsletter regardless!)
Thanks for reading! Blessings to you and yours!


Kim said...

I am so happy to hear you are all doing well. Congrats to Micah on passing his first class. Our prayers are with you.

I think you know where to find me for the newsletter :).

Karla said...

Great updates Darci! I will keep you in my prayers for your transition into a new congregation. Please include me on the newsletter list :o)